Go terminology

ataria situation where a stone or group of stones has only one liberty and may be captured on the next move if unable to attain additional liberties.
false eye
star point
origin of heaven
komi6.5 points to white
sekineither side can capture
snap-backsacrife a stone for a bigger capture
bent fourmay be alive
bent four in the cornerdead
miaithere are 2 interchangeable places to play
senteSente is a Japanese go term that roughly translates to ‘initiative’. A ‘sente move’ is a move that your opponent has to respond to, so you can then switch elsewhere on the board if you want to.
ladderIn the game of Go, a ladder is a basic sequence of moves in which an attacker pursues a group in atari in a zig-zag pattern across the board. If there are no intervening stones, the group will hit the edge of the board and be captured. The sequence is so basic that there is a Go proverb saying “if you don’t know ladders, don’t play Go.”
under the stonesA play under the stones (Japanese: ishi-no-shita) is a play in a space which has become free because some of your own stones have been captured.

Joseki: opening pattern of a go game

Twister 1965
A Beginner’s Guide to the Game of Go

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